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Me and nadin
I recently had to go to Israel for a friend’s wedding. With all my friends already married and arriving in couples, I was really dreading turning up alone like the last time. A work colleague then pointed me in the direction of Noga Escorts. I was reluctant at first as I wasn’t one to pay for that kind of ‘companionship’ but then neither was my friend who recommended it. He was a high flying, good looking, slick lady killer. His reasoning behind his recommendation was simply that ‘it makes sense, you get to turn up to a party with a great looking girl on your arm who will be there for you
the whole night, no relationship drama, no other garbage…. And you make your married friends jealous’. I was sold. 

I went to their website and had a quick glance at the companionship on offer and decided to select Nedin to arrive on my arm at my friend’s wedding. As soon as we met we were both immediately comfortable in each other's company. She went to the other room to talk to the agency to tell them that everything is ok. We had a quick drink before the celebration and talk for a awhile. I gave her some names and description of the people we about to meet. Then we headed to the party together. Introducing her to my friends was priceless, I could feel their jealousy! It was awesome. We had a really great time together too, and it was a relief to know I could say goodbye to her without any further typical ‘relationship’ complications. 
I would definitely recommend Noga Escorts, they were amazing from start to finish and helped me in any way they could. They have someone there who speaks English, so the process was even better!
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