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In this day and age
In this day and age, it is becoming more and more acceptable to be in control of every aspect of your life. The powers behind escort services believe that this principle should also be behind dating.
They raise some valid points. Men who need to succeed need to focus on their careers, the more drama they have from intense romantic relationships can only distract them from achieving their goals, whatever they may be.
Companies like Noga Escort Services provide a bespoke service to their clients and offer a selection of ‘company’ to choose from, whether it would be more for company, or for ‘company’. 
Men are drawn to these top end escort services as they are tired with the drama that attaches to a romantic relationship.
They feel liberated to take a woman out on the town fully in the knowledge that they are in control, to a degree, and can expect impeccable behavior from an industry professional.
Of course there is a darker side to the industry, but companies like Noga are fully in control. They screen both parties well and make sure that professional conduct is followed.

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